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International student studying at Cardiff University

Welcome to a global university

With over 7,500 international students from more than 100 countries, you’ll be part of a vibrant community that celebrates its diverse culture.

Study with us

Global opportunities for students

We have links with over 300 top-ranked institutions and can provide you with the opportunity to study, work or volunteer abroad as part of your degree.

Postgraduate open day - 8 May

Join us on Wednesday 8 May to find out more about postgraduate study at Cardiff.

I chose Cardiff University because it had a good reputation, interesting Music modules and I was able to have a Welsh-speaking tutor.

Alex Humphreys (BMus 2006)
Alex's career success
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University supports new graduate scheme

How we're helping to enhance productivity, innovation and economic growth among businesses in South East Wales and promote the region as a destination for talented graduates.

Festival of Data Innovation

An exciting opportunity on 3 May to meet the people and discover the research and activities supported by the Data Innovation Research Institute (DIRI).

Student entrepreneur's start-up success

A pioneering student has launched his own virtual reality company for the property and retail sectors.

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