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    Our top picks for the weeks ahead.

    The Ying and Yang of introducing honey bees to Cardiff University's Cathays campus by Prof Les Baillie, Pharmabees

    Friday 17 May 2019, 12:00

    Sustainable Places seminars are free to attend and open to all.

    Re-thinking inequalities of place: has Wales failed and London succeeded?

    Tuesday 21 May 2019, 17:30

    Karel Williams' presentation on his most recent research on the foundational economy, and the important contribution it can make to urban and regional economic development.

    Eileen Younghusband Memorial Lecture. 'The Faint Echo of Voices from Below: Hearing Patient Practice through the writings of patients in Glamorgan Lunatic Asylum, 1864-1914'

    Wednesday 12 June 2019, 19:15

    We’re delighted to welcome Dan Jewson to deliver this lecture, dedicated to Eileen Younghusband’s memory, which will consider patient life in the Glamorgan Lunatic Asylum 1864 – 1914.

    School of Music concert series

    The School of Music stages Cardiff's most varied series of evening concerts between October and May each year.

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